Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 to avoid the risk of online shopping

friends often ask: "How safe online transaction?", "Do you trust online shopping?" Reliable "What is online business?", "Do I need to consider online shopping? "," Capture of how online shopping can be. " Online Shopping Experience fooled a lot of friends.

In fact, some people, shopping for others using the new online network, the number of online criminals, and illegal activities. If you note the following, I remember, the dangers of online shopping can minimize it:

1. good reputation of the business registration is the best company to choose a good Registrar of the "most online comparison shopping platforms to protect the transaction center, website, and signs that typically would not be a problem of reliability, transaction , and taking control. An example of a preliminary version of the network, but a preliminary version of the network does not accept Beijing and Shenzhen Protection Network platform for online transactions for monitoring the police warning of the ICP have proven record and is the official PURERIRISUONRAINSHOPPINGUPURATTOFOMU network is all good.

2, if you choose to pay cash on delivery as long as the possibility of a review of the first payment If the payment on delivery, using a secure credit card is not convenient, you can avoid the risk of runoff and the password is incorrect. Immediately before the release of the Web Network offering the possibility of a cash payment in the same sites, goods, money, payment of the first test of a new signature, is not satisfied with the rejection will be delivered directly. Follow the signs to detect and remove much of the problem, you must return the return. With excellent home Dangdang is required to have in order to ensure a profit, there are certain principles. If not the first in testing is not recommended that you signed to pay in a hurry.

3 is not satisfied with the purchase of the business may be able to purchase a replacement as long as If you read, before you purchase a product, instead of the principle of the economy, please note. Evidence related to the company at the time of the additional obligations.

4, and the purchase of clothing and jewelry, the description of the materials, details of goods retailer, please check the number of multi-faceted understanding of the display card. Clothes and jewelry, imitation is more, to purchase special care line version, we are the origin of whether it is genuine, the manufacturer must ask themselves material. Also, in comparison to other products, materials, clothing, size, color, style, and it is not very happy, to make a purchase is easy to exchange is not possible it is very important. In particular, the Internet, and buy very expensive jewelry, is usually not recommended for the management of the best jewelry, lighting and other factors together, in many cases, the difference between the real photo.

5,in relation to products, such as health, good reputation, it is not already selected cosmetics, health products, to buy regular ONRAINSHOPPINGUMORU If the issue of product quality, you may simply lose the money.

6, for the longest possible credentials as an online shopping cart Work with the best of the best in the business, if the seal is good, the product name and batch number. Past, the product can be used as evidence to file a complaint.

7, online payment, if a lot of money in the bank card is not required Taobao, you have to pay the payment of port, which features online payment bank card purchases. The online payment is for more money and would not risk a particular order is to minimize the loss of bank cards for online payment

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