Thursday, April 30, 2009

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At another point in their lives and experiences of consumers, on a psychological visitors are general and special local products and souvenirs. To do this, it can be considered as science.

First, the characteristics of the region. Regional characteristics of the product, the only reminder, authentic, and the price advantage, the value of the consumer to buy. Tibet Shaanxi Lintong pomegranate and Haneda, Coconut, Hainan, Yunnan and clothing. Please look at the head of a small light. Products, heavy or fragile, very comfortable to wear, some of the characteristics of large capacity can not buy.

Thirdly, anxious to get things on the cheap.In some scenic areas, such as tea and a pearl necklace often, counterfeit goods and tourists'll sloppiness, you can see, it can resist the temptation of selling prices and sales.

Fourthly, their own believes. Now, after cleaning of the tourism market, the majority of professional ethics and guidelines for the tourists actin purse in accordance with the distortion. However, at a discount for a small number of guides, try to exaggerated advertising industry. People in different locations of the other blind, and the need to increase the herd is not to trust their own decisions as an independent, self-protection even hand tube housing, to learn, to mature consumers.

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