Friday, May 15, 2009

Life tips: Do you know how long bath is better ?

For most ordinary fitness, bath temperature to 40-42 degrees Celsius, for the most suitable time generally 10-15 minutes, the longest do not exceed 20 minutes everyday, had better not exceed twice, the bath after a long time, the number of frequency effect of eliminating fatigue can backfire.

Bath is a simple and effective method to eliminate fatigue, tiredness often for muscle ache, and warm bath to sympathetic stimulation, there can be achieved, foreign experts calming effect test showed that: in the large amount of athletes after training in 43 degrees Celsius, the bubble bath water wash for 5 minutes, there was little change in blood lactic acid washing, bubble 10 minutes, lactic acid concentration lower 7-8 milligram, continue to bubble 30-60 minutes after washing the blood lactic acid, basic recovery to the level before the fatigue.

But it is not that bath as long as possible. Bath time vary from person to person, because exercise, according to their specific circumstance proper control, in addition to the water temperature, appropriate attention can accelerate the metabolism, regulate the body, make the body excited, generally can bear high temperature hot baths of some more can reduce the concentration of blood lactic acid, high temperature, but rather because body energy consumption caused by fatigue.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wear the wettest sunglasses to travel!

A pair of 2009, most of the sunglasses! It not only can be used to block the strong sunlight, outdoor prevent ultraviolet harm to the eyes of personality is one of the indispensable dress, it will give your personal qualities make public acme!

Play the gradient

This year, whether clothing or sunglasses are popular gradient. Dark gray color gradient ramp, earth, blue purple gradient... Very ponder, also very fashionable. If buy big sunglasses, brown, dark green can not only enough for popular and very lining Oriental complexion. In addition, restore ancient ways and distinctive black and white and dichromatic is also a star of big love style. And a pair of light color gradient exaggerated style sunglasses, another function: not only can be cool, and to be able to rely on the color of the alien lens avoided eye sight, hidden.

Classic restores ancient ways

This year's sunglasses still to "big", little face and large lens can form very sharp contrast, on the whole, can adjust very individualize effect. Such as popular "big black super", in 2009, have more choices, this large sunglasses and a variety of style, can be used in both frames sunglasses, also can be used in ordinary glasses. Covering one-third of the face, let you with little decadent, elegant and profound mystery, there is the 1950s and 1960s nostalgic style.

Cool its leg

Its leg broadens become a popular trend this year sunglasses, in its leg and vertical Angle of decorative frame, more show great play set auger, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, laser decorative pattern design, compared with domestic and international famous brands of ordinary more attention to detail design sunglasses, some brand in the mirror leg sunglasses with water or play on embedded LOGO, some big exaggerated modelling such as dragonfly shape, watchband shape, bamboo shape and leopard PI cao decoration, etc.

best gift for mother

"The sense of gratitude, thank you, my life, let me have the courage to do myself. Of gratitude, thank fate, as flowers bloom, I will cherish!" Whenever the heart of Thanksgiving in our ears ring, always arouses full of moving. The mother of children's kindness is we do not reward of his life. We neglect the daily express their emotions, mother's day is to remind us to respect and obedience and grateful mother. Then choose how a gift to give new life and gives us life cradle we grow up into the mother? What gift to transfer between the mother's most pure love?

An emerald is probably the mother festival to her best gift. The mother and the struggle, with great pain with bear, for the price of our cries, Mother with powerful maternal love, with its strong us from ignorant kids into the backbone of the country. Hisui texture is hard, as the mother of perseverance. Every mother for their children, regardless of the return unselfishly and relentlessness. Hisui looks like her mother is warm, the docile. The friendship between the mother to a pure, jade color is profound, and between the infinite feelings like mother.

Thanks to her mother, mother, easy, and difficult. Writers in life the onset of a childhood under article records a dialogue with the mother, "I asked mother, 'why do you love me?' mother holding my face said, 'why not, for you are my daughter." this can serve for mother on mother's day, a piece of jadeite mother say "I love you", why not, for she is our mother.
Pearl,Legend, pearl milk is the virgin birth, the process of the children like mother conceived. 1000 million layer accumulation, year after year of experience, the round and smooth, noble and with colorful charm. As mother hundreds of day and night, celebrates mother-child attentive caress largeness of mind in the future for all breeds. Therefore, the pearl for mother!


Men wore women wear Buddha, Buddha goddess "f", please send a Buddha, mother and mother healthy auspicious blessings, and good fortune long!

Peace Button
Peace, jade shaped button and vast, infinite symbols, the inner peace symbol in blue sky.another 1, light! Mother's day, let that a lilltle peace guarding our buckle momently, the mother of peace in her side!

Shape jadeite pendant

Jade pendant to heart-shaped -english mother, meaning ZhaoEr woman of gratitude, pedro, beside her mother wishes mother happiness forever, peace, more beautiful life

Jade bracelets

As children, often cannot serve out if a man, wearing the jade bracelets on mother in her wrist, lonely, lonely, wrist bracelet with, like the children beside her mother, for health, happiness, peace.

Crossover Karl Lagerfeld chimney Repetto shoes

Now is the time to wear sandals, editor for you recommend 09 spring Karl Lagerfeld loafers "chimney" shoes. On the basic of concise and easy to add a hollow-out the seemingly etc, general decoration chimney is ballet shoes with Karl Lagerfeld cooperation Repetto experts, just a new shoe is walked on the change will become so fascinating, ballet grace and Karl will be the concise design, is the essential of classical fashion sense beyond. The most interesting is the "chimney is removable for the dress, increased a possible unloaded in, you put on a pair of designer.

YSL x PUMA cooperation new shoes

Yves Saint Laurent and Puma latest launch new shoes sole joint cooperation, the creative director Stefano YSL Pilati and Puma design team created this new YSL/Puma high help goats cortex sneaker black and gray, there are two options. Available in shops in YSL global. This new sneaker is the creative ability and Pilati Stefano Puma in sports shoe is walked on the professional technology perfect union.

LV Toy Toy hangs decoration new Charms

Toys in the history of Louis vuitton plays an important role in the 1930s, the champs elysees office will has special toy where. The world of imagination symbol toys, no sorrow and trouble with childhood innocence and happiness, Louis vuitton special launched this new Toy Charms, gold toys, bright-coloured candy, such as stones of pearl gadgets, mountain each child's dream. Louis vuitton filled out of eight kore-eda childishness, showily and exquisite toy hangs decoration, renew the happy childhood. The eight paragraph tags for Louis vuitton Baumer Lorenz by design, delicate and exquisite workmanship, lucky color hangs decoration, but also contains the better symbolize love, care for a sweet recalled memories, Exquisite hangs decoration with you, as a guardian angel, year after year, month feel warm and moving.

Lorenz Baumer design keeps a Louis vuitton hanging ornaments tradition, also shows its unique design. Tags can be optional supplement, express the wearer of memories or joy mood. Louis vuitton gem craftsman to special technology, realizing the Lorenz Baumer thoughts, make each hangs decoration artwork, unreal warmth and profound, and love is priceless.
Red and gold XiaoJiang cookies showed the special skill casting gold craftsmen baked paint, pink with a little golden roof climbing walls, ginger bread with pink gem inlay enamel candy, candy and sandwich showily and delicious, House is engraved with Monogram flowers design, meticulously, the pure fun with Christmas traditions and sweet plum clever Christmas icing.
Small gold or platinum newborn baby wave ling is the amulet: hollow-out Monogram handle inlaid with sapphires, respectively, and the color blue diamond guanghua flash, a round bright pearl in the fingers gently turn, turn a joy, turn a joy to child care care. The beautiful clever little sailing and platinum Louis vuitton tourism culture and spirit echo, The light wind BiLanSe enchase Monogram and LV flowers, unreal clever charms, ride the waves, go with you to the infinite imagination roam the vast, YuHaiJiao tianya.

Last two men and women with child hangs decoration platinum, gold and diamond, children dress is very skillful, modelling is seen in the 1930s nostalgic flavour, Children dressed in white, and golden pink dress more bright-coloured colour children dress, The boy and girl's leg lanterns more awareness, braided very meticulous handiwork extraordinary, Louis vuitton jewelry industry, a pair of craftsmen of the naughty boy will be playful, girl, a vibrant childlike face tong lawsuit lovely childhood thin.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dutch manufacturer Tulip Ego itself is a specialized manufacturer of luxury notebook company, now re-join Bentley Bentley luxury cars, it is conceivable that the extent of this luxury notebook. The Ego notebook is still in use for a long period of time the bag-type appearance, the external use of Bentley leather car seats coated, metal handle Office, which is straightforward from the Bentley car door handles. Configuration, the current information provided by only Vista systems, 64bit processor, 160GB hard drive, must have a very general overall configuration. This product will be this week's British Motor Show officially released later in the summer market, the price from £ 10,000.