Friday, May 15, 2009

Life tips: Do you know how long bath is better ?

For most ordinary fitness, bath temperature to 40-42 degrees Celsius, for the most suitable time generally 10-15 minutes, the longest do not exceed 20 minutes everyday, had better not exceed twice, the bath after a long time, the number of frequency effect of eliminating fatigue can backfire.

Bath is a simple and effective method to eliminate fatigue, tiredness often for muscle ache, and warm bath to sympathetic stimulation, there can be achieved, foreign experts calming effect test showed that: in the large amount of athletes after training in 43 degrees Celsius, the bubble bath water wash for 5 minutes, there was little change in blood lactic acid washing, bubble 10 minutes, lactic acid concentration lower 7-8 milligram, continue to bubble 30-60 minutes after washing the blood lactic acid, basic recovery to the level before the fatigue.

But it is not that bath as long as possible. Bath time vary from person to person, because exercise, according to their specific circumstance proper control, in addition to the water temperature, appropriate attention can accelerate the metabolism, regulate the body, make the body excited, generally can bear high temperature hot baths of some more can reduce the concentration of blood lactic acid, high temperature, but rather because body energy consumption caused by fatigue.

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