Thursday, May 14, 2009

LV Toy Toy hangs decoration new Charms

Toys in the history of Louis vuitton plays an important role in the 1930s, the champs elysees office will has special toy where. The world of imagination symbol toys, no sorrow and trouble with childhood innocence and happiness, Louis vuitton special launched this new Toy Charms, gold toys, bright-coloured candy, such as stones of pearl gadgets, mountain each child's dream. Louis vuitton filled out of eight kore-eda childishness, showily and exquisite toy hangs decoration, renew the happy childhood. The eight paragraph tags for Louis vuitton Baumer Lorenz by design, delicate and exquisite workmanship, lucky color hangs decoration, but also contains the better symbolize love, care for a sweet recalled memories, Exquisite hangs decoration with you, as a guardian angel, year after year, month feel warm and moving.

Lorenz Baumer design keeps a Louis vuitton hanging ornaments tradition, also shows its unique design. Tags can be optional supplement, express the wearer of memories or joy mood. Louis vuitton gem craftsman to special technology, realizing the Lorenz Baumer thoughts, make each hangs decoration artwork, unreal warmth and profound, and love is priceless.
Red and gold XiaoJiang cookies showed the special skill casting gold craftsmen baked paint, pink with a little golden roof climbing walls, ginger bread with pink gem inlay enamel candy, candy and sandwich showily and delicious, House is engraved with Monogram flowers design, meticulously, the pure fun with Christmas traditions and sweet plum clever Christmas icing.
Small gold or platinum newborn baby wave ling is the amulet: hollow-out Monogram handle inlaid with sapphires, respectively, and the color blue diamond guanghua flash, a round bright pearl in the fingers gently turn, turn a joy, turn a joy to child care care. The beautiful clever little sailing and platinum Louis vuitton tourism culture and spirit echo, The light wind BiLanSe enchase Monogram and LV flowers, unreal clever charms, ride the waves, go with you to the infinite imagination roam the vast, YuHaiJiao tianya.

Last two men and women with child hangs decoration platinum, gold and diamond, children dress is very skillful, modelling is seen in the 1930s nostalgic flavour, Children dressed in white, and golden pink dress more bright-coloured colour children dress, The boy and girl's leg lanterns more awareness, braided very meticulous handiwork extraordinary, Louis vuitton jewelry industry, a pair of craftsmen of the naughty boy will be playful, girl, a vibrant childlike face tong lawsuit lovely childhood thin.

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