Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wear the wettest sunglasses to travel!

A pair of 2009, most of the sunglasses! It not only can be used to block the strong sunlight, outdoor prevent ultraviolet harm to the eyes of personality is one of the indispensable dress, it will give your personal qualities make public acme!

Play the gradient

This year, whether clothing or sunglasses are popular gradient. Dark gray color gradient ramp, earth, blue purple gradient... Very ponder, also very fashionable. If buy big sunglasses, brown, dark green can not only enough for popular and very lining Oriental complexion. In addition, restore ancient ways and distinctive black and white and dichromatic is also a star of big love style. And a pair of light color gradient exaggerated style sunglasses, another function: not only can be cool, and to be able to rely on the color of the alien lens avoided eye sight, hidden.

Classic restores ancient ways

This year's sunglasses still to "big", little face and large lens can form very sharp contrast, on the whole, can adjust very individualize effect. Such as popular "big black super", in 2009, have more choices, this large sunglasses and a variety of style, can be used in both frames sunglasses, also can be used in ordinary glasses. Covering one-third of the face, let you with little decadent, elegant and profound mystery, there is the 1950s and 1960s nostalgic style.

Cool its leg

Its leg broadens become a popular trend this year sunglasses, in its leg and vertical Angle of decorative frame, more show great play set auger, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, laser decorative pattern design, compared with domestic and international famous brands of ordinary more attention to detail design sunglasses, some brand in the mirror leg sunglasses with water or play on embedded LOGO, some big exaggerated modelling such as dragonfly shape, watchband shape, bamboo shape and leopard PI cao decoration, etc.

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