Thursday, May 7, 2009

The latest European and American shoes Lead the global fashion

This is the summer of 2008 with the newest rough sandals, this change in the original tradition of high-heeled appearance.

This sexy grade wear heeled shoes to take part in the meeting, or walking down the street will become the focus, we will immediately attract the eye of all.
Spain producing crude newest fashion sandal with wide leather, the color for a simple tone, this win a lot of white-collar women of all ages.

This is the latest in 2008 the most popular summer sandal, this changes the original appearance of the traditional, you can say that this is leading this year's fashion.

Spain producing women classic tassel sandals
Women's long cool snake classic flat boots, leisure paragraph must walk movement.

KATE MOSS, Hilton sisters, Nicole Richie and other major fashion have been photographed wearing a tidal Wang Gladiator sandals.

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