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Converse encyclopedia

Converse (Converse) is founded in the early 20th century American brand sports shoes, Converse Inc. in July 2005 by Nike (Nike) acquisition.



1908, Marquis Mills Converse Massachusetts in the United States to his or her name, Converse created the "Converse Rubber Shoe Company" (Converse Rubber Shoe Company), specializes in the manufacture of men and women shoes and children's shoes insoles. To 1910, daily production of 4 Converse 1000 pairs of shoes, until in 1915 began the production of tennis shoes. Converse in 1917 can be a turning point, when released All-Star basketball shoes, with the outstanding characteristics of the product itself has become the history of one of the most famous sports shoes. So far since its launch, All Star has become the world's well-known synonym for canvas shoes, canvas shoes known as the "Rolls Royce", with the United States has a long history of fast food brands such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola beverages, Ford, Levi's jeans as has become a symbol of the spirit of American culture.

1921, basketball player Richard Taylor (Chuck Taylor) Converse into the company complained of leg pain problems, Converse will be assigned to him as product sales and sales in the United States to sell Converse shoes. In 1923, the signature of Taylor All Star shoes were put into a sign.

Since 1941 Red and white color of the All Star basketball shoes (also known as canvas shoes in Taiwan) in 1941 when the United States to participate in the Second World War when the military converted to the production of Converse shoes, clothes, boots, rubber, etc. with the system, followed in 1950 and 1960s, Converse shoes have become quite a popular subject in high school and college athletes love Converse shoes into shoes was necessary.

The 1970s, Converse monopolize the market rate of decline of many of our competitors such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok have to divide up the market introduction of products, Converse NBA is no longer the United States designated brand. Years later, the market operated by the regression and makes poor Converse in January 22, 2001 declared bankrupt, after the July 9, 2003, 300 million Nike to buy Converse 5 million. When the company changed hands, the last one in the United States formally closed factories, Since then, the U.S. market is not the shoes manufactured in the United States, Asia and Europe by the national production, such as China, Indonesia, Italy, Lithuania and Vietnam.

Modern History

In 1982, on the Nasdaq stock market listing, a listed company.

1985, All Star shoes popular in Japan, creating an excellent performance.

In 1991, designated as a NBA game with shoes.
1996, All Star Global more than 700 million pairs of sales.

In 2002, the market share in China among the top three international sports brands.

In 2004, sports shoes, leisure shoes and clothing accessories worldwide sales network has more than 90 countries and regions, sporting goods stores and department stores more than 9000 counters.

2008, converse founded a hundred years, the introduction of paragraph ALL STAR centennial. Pepsi in Taiwan with the launch of three bottles to buy mobile phones to send Charm converse shoes.

Converse (Converse) with China

Converse Converse high heels fashionable fully committed to the promotion of the spirit of basketball, the CBA-sponsored basketball league in China, but also has signed Su, Sun, Xu Jinglei,He rundong, Wei and other popular Movie Star spokesperson for the brand's image. In addition, many cities in a row at home, organized "CONVERSE star Inter-School Music Festival" and "CONVERSE star graffiti contest" and other cool activities to enhance the classic canvas Converse shoes image. International brands in China, the Converse brand is located in the third movement of imports.

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