Thursday, May 14, 2009

best gift for mother

"The sense of gratitude, thank you, my life, let me have the courage to do myself. Of gratitude, thank fate, as flowers bloom, I will cherish!" Whenever the heart of Thanksgiving in our ears ring, always arouses full of moving. The mother of children's kindness is we do not reward of his life. We neglect the daily express their emotions, mother's day is to remind us to respect and obedience and grateful mother. Then choose how a gift to give new life and gives us life cradle we grow up into the mother? What gift to transfer between the mother's most pure love?

An emerald is probably the mother festival to her best gift. The mother and the struggle, with great pain with bear, for the price of our cries, Mother with powerful maternal love, with its strong us from ignorant kids into the backbone of the country. Hisui texture is hard, as the mother of perseverance. Every mother for their children, regardless of the return unselfishly and relentlessness. Hisui looks like her mother is warm, the docile. The friendship between the mother to a pure, jade color is profound, and between the infinite feelings like mother.

Thanks to her mother, mother, easy, and difficult. Writers in life the onset of a childhood under article records a dialogue with the mother, "I asked mother, 'why do you love me?' mother holding my face said, 'why not, for you are my daughter." this can serve for mother on mother's day, a piece of jadeite mother say "I love you", why not, for she is our mother.
Pearl,Legend, pearl milk is the virgin birth, the process of the children like mother conceived. 1000 million layer accumulation, year after year of experience, the round and smooth, noble and with colorful charm. As mother hundreds of day and night, celebrates mother-child attentive caress largeness of mind in the future for all breeds. Therefore, the pearl for mother!


Men wore women wear Buddha, Buddha goddess "f", please send a Buddha, mother and mother healthy auspicious blessings, and good fortune long!

Peace Button
Peace, jade shaped button and vast, infinite symbols, the inner peace symbol in blue sky.another 1, light! Mother's day, let that a lilltle peace guarding our buckle momently, the mother of peace in her side!

Shape jadeite pendant

Jade pendant to heart-shaped -english mother, meaning ZhaoEr woman of gratitude, pedro, beside her mother wishes mother happiness forever, peace, more beautiful life

Jade bracelets

As children, often cannot serve out if a man, wearing the jade bracelets on mother in her wrist, lonely, lonely, wrist bracelet with, like the children beside her mother, for health, happiness, peace.

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